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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking part in the launch of Fishandships.org. This is something I am utterly passionate about and I am determined to bring you something that helps!

Please take your time to look around and enjoy the site. I welcome all your suggestions, feedback or anything you feel we should add. I hope you will be able to see the level of thought and creativity that has gone into this if given support and patience to grow will be a very powerful tool in your Fishing Crew and Fishing Job finding arsenal!

Rest assured your repeated concerns are what lead to this concept and that this will remain free and continue to grow what the Fishing Industry can get for free by being clever in other ways and saving you all a few quid meanwhile working on a proven system in other workplaces to improve over time the efficiency of your business and making job opportunities more secure.

I hope you like what you see and feel confident to spread the word that Fishandships.org will be here to help with any issues. Just for clarification, all reviews will be moderated before posting anyone who doesn’t respect the potential that an accurate review system has just the same as a cv has to your employer elsewhere and attempts to publish false claims then you will be banned.

I am truly grateful for how supportive you have all been and promise to do my best to listen to all of your feedback and give my best shot at addressing any issues. Nothing is more powerful than the unity of us all coming together, with your continued support and patience for the site to grow there will be good changes ahead in Crew Finding but it won’t happen overnight!

Author: Hopkins

Creator of Fish and Ships.

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