Fishing Crew Jobs Uk

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Here at we aim to provide Fishing Crew for the UK Fishing Industry first and foremost and support the whole UK Fishing Industry by providing them with as much as we can in the way of online service as cost effectively and efficiently as possible. The Fishing Crew Database allow all crew and vessels who are members to be reviewed. This should act not only as a deterrent for example to Fishing Crew not turning up and a precious extra day wasted in the harbour but we like to advise all Owners and Skippers to stop taking Crew without asking them to sign up for free very quickly with us here at firstly as this then acts as a guarantee that if they don’t turn up as unfortunately so many don’t you can then jump on and review this on their profile immediately and make sure they don’t pull the same stunt again. As the United Kingdom Commercial Fishing Industry comes under increasing pressure we Clearly understand that every sector of the industry has to become more efficient and overtime this Database will also work as a filtering system so you can confidently see who is available and exactly how reliable they are and what their skills are and we offer you all of this for free!

Author: Hopkins

Creator of Fish and Ships.

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