UK Fishing Vessel Jobs.

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Here at we passionately believe in what a highly skilled and dangerous job being a Commercial Fisherman is! An underlooked one by many at that!

With my own son having the Fisherman’s blood running through his veins and heading there full-time within possibly a month or two you can rest assured whatever we do here on this Commercial Fishing Crew Database we will always strive to keep at the forefront of what is in the very best interests of the Fishing Industries Future! For us right now that means a few things: First and Foremost that means looking at what we can bring to you for free and although the website has a few minor errors one being that it states you’ll only get the first 6 months free I can assure you we’re just awaiting our very popular Web designer finding the time to fix a few small problems I have found and that this is not the case and it will remain free for both Fishing Crew and Fishing Vessels to use.

Secondly we want to promote and incentivise our youngsters coming into the UK Fishing Industry and motivate them in anyway we can so that may only start off with a Fully Moderated Review Based Database(we aren’t looking for any slagging matches on here! We are looking for fairness or even better make use of this tool to motivate!) We also aren’t here to hold anybodies hands! If you’re unreliable and costing a Skipper or Owner what might be a precious day at sea by not turning up as promised then you can expect us to publish these! We cannot forget how Commercially Volatile the Industry is and we thoroughly believe that with time and support this is without a doubt a very valuable tool used correctly for increasing profits!

Thirdly we will be supporting Fishing Crew Safety in anyways we can and would like to thank Stream Marine Training Paisley for their generous support with two Stcw95 courses up for grabs every month for the next 11 months which will be used in competitions through our website and our Facebook page. Apart from offering us a higher level of safety ticket than actually needed for The Fishing Crew out there they also support a couple of charities as you’ll see if you check them out! I’m quite sure we will be watching them grow based on the quality of service they can provide.

Fourthly I am personally keen to highlight the integrated map on the website making it easier for Fishing Crew to see where they’re needing to get to to join a Fishing Vessel and help make their travel arrangements as quickly and efficiently as possible just taking the same values that the Fishermen need to make their businesses a success we have used as the basis to design everything thus far and will continue to do so within our website.

Fifth as plenty can already tell you we will give advice and support in anyways we can to you all and will listen and take advice in anyways we can also. As much as it can be a competitive ruthless Fishing Industry we will stick to the belief that everyone working together as much as “realistically possible” works better for everyone across the board, we designed this site because we care about your jobs ultimately and you aren’t going to do anything about those jobs and the issues faced if we don’t try a slightly different approach and attempt to modernise the whole process. Having a review system is a no brainer! It is used successfully in other businesses to increase productivity and anything that can make your lives abit easier should be utilised.

Lastly for now, we aim to help highlight exactly what a skilled profession the Fisherman’s role is and if anybody wants to debate that fact then just research how the numbers of our own young lads managing to make the grade is dwindling dramatically! Many of the skills taught when becoming a safety conscious member of a well oiled team to keep a vessel making profit with so many factors constantly changing will stand Fisherman in a good position for any path they so choose! So if you haven’t done so already why not punch your email into our mailing list or even better claim your vessel listing and add a photo or if you’re Crew head over and register and then create a profile. If you’re a confident reliable Crew employed or unemployed at the moment signing up here is a small commitment but it does afford the Skippers and Owners a level of reassurances that there’s a greater chance you aren’t a timewaster if you have a profile and the same goes for the vessels, if you’re wanting a good quality of crew then go ahead and claim your vessel and upload a photo and leave yourself open to the review system we have in place for vessels and be reassured that any abuse of the review system will come with an immediate ban. A moderated review system I’m sure you will agree used correctly can be a valuable tool and it is used in other businesses to boost their productivity aswell.

We really hope if you can see any anyways in which we can improve our website services or anything which is stopping you from signing up that you’ll take the time to throw us a feedback email as nobody and nothing will ever be perfect and this site is only just starting to get off the ground so of course there’s plenty evolving to be done and if you’d like to share your improvements with us or ask anything at all that might not be sitting easy with you then make contact through the site please and we will do our best to help you in anyway at all. Stay safe and hopefully you have all started to or will soon now start to catch as things are eventually warning up very late this year and much respect to you all.

Author: Hopkins

Creator of Fish and Ships.

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UK Fishing Vessel Jobs.

Here at we passionately believe in what a highly skilled and dangerous job being a Commercial Fisherman is! An underlooked one by many at